How to Find a Facial Surgery Specialist

If you’re considering a face lift, you’ll want to find a facial surgery specialist who has received specialized training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. These physicians treat various conditions affecting the face, such as rashes and facial deformities, and perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. Depending on your needs, a Mayo Clinic specialist may not be able to perform every procedure. To find the right surgeon for your procedure, here are some tips to look for.

First, a facial plastic surgeon must be board-certified. A dual-board-certified plastic surgeon must be able to complete all the requirements of a residency in plastic surgery. He or she must also have experience in head and neck surgery. Regardless of the type of facial surgery, the physician must have excellent credentials and understand the face and its structure. Dr. Corrado is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial and head & neck surgery. The surgeon’s attention to detail and artistry are essential for a successful outcome.

A facial plastic surgery specialist has advanced training in facial anatomy and can perform a wide range of surgical procedures to reshape facial structures. This experience enables him or her to perform ultra-smooth wound closures. He or she is also highly trained in aesthetics. He or she has the special training to address minute details of a patient’s appearance. For example, a sagging eyebrow and forehead require facial reconstruction, and a surgeon with special knowledge of the structure of these areas is an excellent candidate for this surgery.

A facial plastic surgeon can perform a wide range of facial procedures. They have special training in the anatomy of the face and neck and are well-versed in aesthetics and ultra-smooth wound closures. A cosmetic plastic surgeon specializes in facial procedures and has the most advanced techniques and artistry in the field. For a more personalized and effective result, a cosmetic plastic surgeon should be your choice. If you’re considering a facelift, be sure to select a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery specialists are experts in performing facial procedures. They have extensive training and expertise in facial anatomy and have special training in aesthetics. They will address the intricate details of a patient’s face. For instance, a sagging eyebrow will require the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon. A sagging eyebrow or forehead might require a different procedure. You should always choose a cosmetic surgeon whose credentials and experience are high.

A facial plastic surgeon must have specialized training and be board-certified in otolaryngology, the surgical specialty of the head and neck. They must also have fellowship-training in this field. A facial plastic surgeon must also be board-certified in an otolaryngology, or head and neck, in order to practice facial surgery. A good cosmetic surgeon will be able to perform any of the procedures that you need and be an expert in the field of facial aesthetics.


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