Surgeons Are Generous With Their Time and Knowledge

Surgery is a medical specialty that uses manual and instrumental techniques to physically reach inside of a subject’s body in order to investigate or treat pathological conditions, or alter bodily functions, improve appearance or remove/replace unwanted tissues/foreign bodies. It may also be used as part of cosmetic enhancement.

Experiences can often be uncomfortable and painful; however, doctors and nurses can help alleviate pain through medication.

The Best Surgeons Are Generous

Surgeons who give generously of their time and expertise can do much to maintain the future viability of the profession for those coming after them. Such surgeons offer instruction to medical students as well as guidance for residents; in addition, they take steps to reach out to the community through public service efforts.

Surgeons often must deal with patients who refuse care or don’t understand why a procedure is necessary, yet try not to interpret those instances as personal attacks. They work hard to remain up-to-date with new research and procedures while staying within budget by not over-promising and under-delivering on promises made to their patients.

Skilled surgeons never seem to rush their operations because they recognize that delivering optimal results to their patient should always come first. Technical expertise alone won’t do; surgeons must also have the ability to analyze different options and anticipate potential outcomes, making critical thinking skills a vital aspect of surgical residency programs.

They Have a Healthy Relationship with Their Family

Internal medicine offers patients some measure of control over their care; but when it comes to surgery, an irrevocable transfer of power takes place between patient and surgeon.

Surgeons are trusted with patients’ health and lives at times of greatest vulnerability, making it imperative that surgeons earn and keep patients’ trust. Compassion, humility and honesty should be the cornerstones of this relationship; deception whether by commission or omission constitutes a breach.

The best surgeons understand their work is more than the removal of cancerous tumors or organ transplants; it involves restoring function, improving quality of life and sometimes saving lives. Common surgeries performed to do just this include knee reconstruction or repair or face lifts to enhance aesthetic appearance or find sources of disease (colposcopy, MRI scan or biopsy).

They Honor Their Mentors

Surgeons are selfless professionals who genuinely care for those following in their footsteps. Many offer mentoring programs while others devote themselves to furthering the field of surgery.

John Adler stands out as an outstanding surgeon who has received 9 patents for his CyberKnife system – an innovative system which can ablate tumors and lesions without surgical intervention.

At this year’s annual Excellence in Mentoring Awards ceremony held at TMEC amphitheater, 18 exemplary mentors who selflessly dedicated themselves to students and residents were honored at an unforgettable standing-room only ceremony. Mentees gave moving tributes to these exceptional surgeons as many shared touching memories about how brilliant yet kind each one of these mentors were – noting their rare combination of brilliance and warmth. Honorees received gifts in appreciation of their guidance, support, encouragement & legacy which will carry on beyond these 18 inspirational mentors’ legacy!

They Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Finding a healthy work-life balance can be a struggle in medicine for many physicians, especially surgeons, due to unpredictable hours and trauma-based jobs that often involve working long shifts.

Surgery is a medical process used to treat disease, injury or other health problems by making cuts in the body. Surgeons use scalpels and other sharp instruments called scalpels and sharp tools such as saws to cut into skin, muscles and even bones – usually done under anesthesia which causes loss of feeling locally (local anesthesia) or an unconscious state that feels similar to sleeping deeply (general anesthesia).

Anyone in the medical field, whether with or without an MD degree, should take time out for themselves in their personal lives to avoid burnout and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


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